Unrivaled clarity. Actionable intelligence.

At IDI, we believe that time is your most valuable asset.

Through powerful analytics, we transform data into intelligence, in a fast and efficient manner, so that our clients can spend their time on what matters most – running their organizations with confidence.

Through leading-edge, proprietary technology and a massive data repository, our analytics and information solutions harness the power of data fusion, uncovering the relevance of disparate data points and converting them into comprehensive and insightful views of people, businesses, assets and their interrelationships.

We empower clients across markets and industries to better execute all aspects of their business, from managing risk, conducting investigations, identifying fraud and abuse, and collecting debts, to identifying and acquiring new customers. At IDI, we are dedicated to making the world a safer place, to reducing the cost of doing business, and to enhancing the consumer experience.

Our idiCORE online skip tracing platform provides the tools necessary to locate individuals and assets including properties and vehicles. For more complex cases or when you do not have the time for skip tracing, our idiVERIFIED product provides manual verification of a subject's place of employment and bank information. For bulk locates, we provide batch processing and API capabilities.

We offer a comprehensive full-service solution for your specific needs, eliminating the need for multiple vendors to accomplish multiple tasks.

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The Next Generation of Data Fusion


Leading-edge data and investigative solutions for debt recovery, due diligence, risk assessment, fraud prevention, authentication, and legislative compliance.


Manually verified place of employment and bank account locates. Verified. Actionable. Guaranteed.

Batch and API Solutions

Fast, accurate, cost-effective. Leverage IDI data in a single, automated solution for right-party contact and more.

Custom Data Analytics

IDI’s next-generation data fusion platform and analytical applications enable greater insight into your own data, while simultaneously leveraging our massive data repository.


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